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Caring for your Quranic Needs
Caring for your Quranic Needs

Who We Are

Quranic Empowerment

Founded in 2009 (Reg. num. 53134181W), Darul Huffaz is a dedicated group of Quran teachers with a shared vision: to promote the memorization, reading, and understanding of the Quran. We believe that the Quran holds immense wisdom and guidance, and our mission is to inspire individuals to develop a strong connection with the holy book. Through our tailored programs and courses, we aim to empower students to become proficient in Quranic recitation, memorization, and comprehension.

Islamic Awareness

At Darul Huffaz, our mission extends beyond Quranic education. We strive to foster a deep understanding and awareness of Islam among our students. We believe that by promoting a holistic understanding of the faith, we can help individuals lead meaningful lives aligned with Islamic principles. Our courses and supplementary programs aim to provide valuable insights into various aspects of Islam, including its history, values, and teachings. Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to contribute to the spiritual growth and development of our students, nurturing a generation that exemplifies the virtues of Islam.

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