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Caring for your Quranic Needs
Caring for your Quranic Needs

Online Tahfiz

Online Tahfiz provides the opportunity to those who are unable to attend regular tahfiz class. It is opened to those who reside outside Singapore and who are unable to attend physical class due to mobility problems.


At the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Memorize the whole of Juz 30 of Al-Quran
  • Recite the memorized surahs with relative fluency


Students can interact with teachers in Malay and English.


Students must already be able to recite Al-Quran.

For online requirements, students must have the following:

  • A good wifi signal
  • Headphone or earpiece with mic
  • Whatsapp / Zoom apps (as instructed by teacher later)


Between 8 – 10 pm (male and female teachers)

Between 8 – 10 pm (female teacher)

Between 5 – 7 pm (male teacher)

1. Between 9 – 11 am (male and female teachers)
2. Between 2 – 4 pm (female teacher only)
3. Between 5 – 7 pm (male teacher only)

* 5-10 mins per session


$40 (≤ 18 years)
$60 (≥ 19 years)

Registration fee : $20 (for new student)


Students can take the free monthly tahfiz test if they have completed memorization of each Juz. The test is centralized at Darul Huffaz premise on last Sunday morning of every month (except if it falls on public holiday) on a face-to-face basis. Exceptions will be given to those who are unable to physically come down to Darul Huffaz. Only students whose names have been submitted by their teachers are allowed to take the test. The test is optional. Please refer to our Academic Calendar for the dates.


Students who pass the monthly tahfiz test will be awarded with the Result Slip which will be given in pdf format. Students can request for a print-up of their result slips. Students who have completed memorization of all 30 Juz will be awarded a tahfiz certificate.


Intake is open throughout the year. Students who start the class middle of the month will only pay half of the fee.

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