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Caring for your Quranic Needs
Caring for your Quranic Needs

Quranic Literacy


Al-Quran Clinic

Clinic Al-Quran is for those who cannot afford to attend regular Al-Quran recitation classes. Students will get a personalised one-to-one coaching by an Al-Quran teacher with complete flexibility of starting point, progress rate and date and time of consultation, subject to teacher’s availability.

Al-Quran Class

This once a week class is for those who wish to learn how to recite Al-Quran, polishing their recitations and correcting their recitations of the whole Al-Quran. Whatever the student’s starting point, the teacher will guide him/her to proficient reading of the whole of Al-Quran.

Talaqqi Qiraat

This class offers students the opportunity to recite Al-Quran with certain qira’at from hafiz teachers who have sanad on different qira’at.

Aysar Junior

At Aysar Junior, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn and appreciate the teachings of the Quran. Our mission is to provide children between the ages of 5 and 9 with the tools they need to read the Quran at a basic level.

Aysar Junior Camp

Aysar Junior Camp is an al-Quran literacy program targeted for kids age 5-9 years. It employs the Aysar Method that has been proven to be effective in learning Al-Quran. This camp has flexible timing. Parents can choose the days and number of slots they want their children to attend. Each slot is limited to just two children.

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